Session Details
 Supporting Students With Emotional Behavior Disabilities in PE
Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Location: Ballroom B
Behavior is one of the biggest topics teachers complain about. When we look at students who are labeled EBD or with a social emotional disability, many people see a "bad kid." This disability can be looked at as a hidden disability as most of these students are able-bodied and active, yet still are adversely impacted in accessing the physical education curriculum. During this session we will look at relationships, Positive Discipline approach, student behavior as communication, as well as from the lens of trauma-informed practice. We will discuss tips and strategies, go over specific games and activities, and provide resources for trauma-informed practices and ACES. Lastly, we will unpack an activity and look at intentional planning for student success.

Social Awareness : In PE